2020 Snow Removal As Needed City of Caro

2020-10-05 Finance Committee Meeting

2020-10-13 Planning Commisssion Public Hearing Medical Marihuana Facilities (Revised)

Hydrant flushing throughout the City from October 12th – October 16th

2020 Leaf Pickup Schedule

2020-09-21 City Council Meeting Notice

9/22/2020 Planning Commission Meeting Notice

09-16-2020 Parks & Rec Meeting Notice

Planning Commission Vacancy

Labor Day Closure

2020-09-09 Downtown Development Authority Meeting

2020-09-08 Planning Commission Meeting Cancelled

2020-09-08 City Council Meeting Notice

Job Posting: Temporary Crossing Guards Needed

2020-8-25 Planning Commission Meeting Notice


2020-08-25 Policy Committee of the Whole Meeting Notice

2020-08-19 Parks and Rec Meeting Notice

Zoning Board of Appeals Vacancy Notice

2020-08-17 Finance Committee Meeting

2020-08-17 City Council Meeting Notice

2020 Sidewalk Replacement Project RFP

2020-08-17 Public Hearing Notice On Necessity For Sidewalks

2020-08-17 Open House Notice On Necessity For Sidewalks

2020-08-12 Downtown Development Authority Meeting

2020-08-11 Planning Commission Meeting Notice

2020-08-20 ZBA Public Hearing Notice Variance Request

2020-08-20 Zoning Board of Appeals annual organizational meeting

2020-08-03 City Council Meeting Has Been Rescheduled

2020-07-28 Planning Commission Meeting Cancellation

2020-07-20 City Council Meeting

2020-07-14 Planning Commision Meeting Cancellation

2020-07-15 Parks and Rec Meeting Notice

Downtown Development Authority Meeting Cancellation

2020-07-21 Board of Review Notice

2020-07-07 Election Commission Meeting

2020-07-06 City Council Meeting

2020-07-23 Planning Commission Meeting Cancellation

New Small Business Grant Program Workshop

Summer Clean Up 2020

2020-06-17 Parks & Recreation Meeting

2020-06-15 Policy Committee Meeting

2020-06-15 City Council Meeting

2020 Sidewalk Project

2020-06-10 DDA Meeting Cancellation

2020-06-09 Planning Commission Meeting Cancellation

City Council Meeting Notice 6-01-20

Notice of Public Hearing – Ordinance 477 5-20-20


Special City Council Meeting Notice 6-1-20

Planning Meeting Notice 5-26-20

Special DDA Meeting Notice 5-27-20

Special Planning Commission Meeting Notice 5-19-20

Planning Commission Public Hearing 5-19-20

2020-05-18 Finance Committee Meeting Notice

2020-05-18 Notice of Public Hearing – Ordinance 476

2020-05-18 City Council Meeting Notice

2020-05-13 Special Parks and Rec Meeting Notice

2020-05-04 City Council Meeting Notice

Seasonal Job Opportunity

2020 Seasonal DPW Job Opportunity

2020 Spring Clean Up Cancelled

2020-04-28 Planning Commission Meeting

2020-04-27 Finance Committee of the Whole Meeting

2020-04-20 City Council Meeting

2020-04-13 Special City Council Meeting

Brush Drop Off Closed. Service Suspended

City of Caro Council Meeting 04-06-2020

Tuscola County Small Business Relief Program

City Parks Closed to the Public

Fire Hydrant Flushing April 20th through April 24th.

Mowing of Noxious Weeds-Grass 2020 RFP 3-19-2020

Lawn Care Services 2020 RFP 3-19-2020

Covid-19 Press Release 03-16-2020

City Council Meeting Canceled 03-16-2020

City Council Budget/Capital Improvements Workshop Canceled 03-16-2020

MDHHS Recommendations for COVID-19

4th Annual Easter Egg Hunt! – CANCELLED

City Council Budget and Capital improvments workshop 3-16-2020

City Of Caro Planning Commission Meeting Canceled 03-10-2020

City Of Caro Council Member Vacancy

Board Of Review Annual Organizational Meeting

Board Of Review Meeting Schedule

City of Caro Special City Council Meeting 02-03-2020

City of Caro Special Planning Commission Meeting 02-04-2020

City of Caro Public Hearing Notice 02-04-2020

Special City Council Meeting 02-01-2020

Notice Of Special Planning Commission Meeting 02-18-2020