Janitorial Services Ad 11-19-20

Planning Comission Cancelled

City Council Meeting Notice 11-23-20 Zoom Meeting

Notice of Public Hearing Ordiance 478 11-16-20 Zoom

Parks Rec Meeting Notice 11-18-20

ZBA Public Hearing Notice Variance Request 12-1-20 Zoom

ZBA Public Hearing

Notice of Public Hearing Ordinance 478

Proposed Ordinance 478 Consumers Energy Company Gas Franchise

Notice of City Council Rescheduled Meeting

Notice of Cancellation Downtown Development Authority Meeting

Planning Commission Meeting Cancellation Notice

2020 Snow Removal As Needed City of Caro

2020-10-05 Finance Committee Meeting

2020-10-13 Planning Commisssion Public Hearing Medical Marihuana Facilities (Revised)

Hydrant flushing throughout the City from October 12th – October 16th

2020 Leaf Pickup Schedule

2020-09-21 City Council Meeting Notice

9/22/2020 Planning Commission Meeting Notice

09-16-2020 Parks & Rec Meeting Notice

Planning Commission Vacancy

Labor Day Closure

2020-09-09 Downtown Development Authority Meeting

2020-09-08 Planning Commission Meeting Cancelled

2020-09-08 City Council Meeting Notice

Job Posting: Temporary Crossing Guards Needed

2020-8-25 Planning Commission Meeting Notice


2020-08-25 Policy Committee of the Whole Meeting Notice

2020-08-19 Parks and Rec Meeting Notice

Zoning Board of Appeals Vacancy Notice

2020-08-17 Finance Committee Meeting

2020-08-17 City Council Meeting Notice

2020 Sidewalk Replacement Project RFP

2020-08-17 Public Hearing Notice On Necessity For Sidewalks

2020-08-17 Open House Notice On Necessity For Sidewalks

2020-08-12 Downtown Development Authority Meeting

2020-08-11 Planning Commission Meeting Notice

2020-08-20 ZBA Public Hearing Notice Variance Request

2020-08-20 Zoning Board of Appeals annual organizational meeting

2020-08-03 City Council Meeting Has Been Rescheduled

2020-07-28 Planning Commission Meeting Cancellation

2020-07-20 City Council Meeting

2020-07-14 Planning Commision Meeting Cancellation

2020-07-15 Parks and Rec Meeting Notice

Downtown Development Authority Meeting Cancellation

2020-07-21 Board of Review Notice

2020-07-07 Election Commission Meeting

2020-07-06 City Council Meeting

2020-07-23 Planning Commission Meeting Cancellation

New Small Business Grant Program Workshop

Summer Clean Up 2020

2020-06-17 Parks & Recreation Meeting

2020-06-15 Policy Committee Meeting

2020-06-15 City Council Meeting

2020 Sidewalk Project

2020-06-10 DDA Meeting Cancellation

2020-06-09 Planning Commission Meeting Cancellation

City Council Meeting Notice 6-01-20

Notice of Public Hearing – Ordinance 477 5-20-20


Special City Council Meeting Notice 6-1-20

Planning Meeting Notice 5-26-20

Special DDA Meeting Notice 5-27-20

Special Planning Commission Meeting Notice 5-19-20

Planning Commission Public Hearing 5-19-20

2020-05-18 Finance Committee Meeting Notice

2020-05-18 Notice of Public Hearing – Ordinance 476

2020-05-18 City Council Meeting Notice

2020-05-13 Special Parks and Rec Meeting Notice

2020-05-04 City Council Meeting Notice

Seasonal Job Opportunity

2020 Seasonal DPW Job Opportunity

2020 Spring Clean Up Cancelled

2020-04-28 Planning Commission Meeting

2020-04-27 Finance Committee of the Whole Meeting

2020-04-20 City Council Meeting

2020-04-13 Special City Council Meeting

Brush Drop Off Closed. Service Suspended

City of Caro Council Meeting 04-06-2020

Tuscola County Small Business Relief Program

City Parks Closed to the Public

Fire Hydrant Flushing April 20th through April 24th.

Mowing of Noxious Weeds-Grass 2020 RFP 3-19-2020

Lawn Care Services 2020 RFP 3-19-2020

Covid-19 Press Release 03-16-2020

City Council Meeting Canceled 03-16-2020

City Council Budget/Capital Improvements Workshop Canceled 03-16-2020

MDHHS Recommendations for COVID-19

4th Annual Easter Egg Hunt! – CANCELLED

City Council Budget and Capital improvments workshop 3-16-2020

City Of Caro Planning Commission Meeting Canceled 03-10-2020

City Of Caro Council Member Vacancy

Board Of Review Annual Organizational Meeting

Board Of Review Meeting Schedule

City of Caro Special City Council Meeting 02-03-2020

City of Caro Special Planning Commission Meeting 02-04-2020

City of Caro Public Hearing Notice 02-04-2020

Special City Council Meeting 02-01-2020

Notice Of Special Planning Commission Meeting 02-18-2020